Back to School Blues is the 37th (89th) episode from Season 2 that aired on August 6, 2006.


A school teacher, Mrs. Durante and her pupils have settled into the house. The aliens want to get rid of her but Etno hesitates and he doesn't like it because she picks on him the most, plus Bud hasn’t had any education since they landed on Earth. The others agree, Bud is going to start school.


This plot is coming up soon.



  • Planet Mib-Zorb was one of the other endless planets that was named by Etno, and it was mentioned by Steve and Barbara from the 7th episode, Space Cruiser to the Rescue.
  • This is the third time to have the word, "Blues" since Bad Luck Blues, Sweet Tooth Blues in Season 1, and Buffalo Blues.
  • This is the first episode to mention Zigma-B, the aliens' home planet. It could be debatable as if the video game, Stupid Invaders had mentioned it, then this might have been the second.