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Bolok (voiced by Billy West/Diedrich Bader) was a cruel bounty hunter hired by the evil scientist Dr. Saccharin to capture the aliens. He is the third antagonist of the game. He was exclusively created for the CD-Rom game Stupid Invaders. He also appears in the episode, The Pro.

Early lifeEdit

As a boy Bolok loved adventure and death, his mom called him a terror but your more likely to here his father say he'll maybe grow up to be a army man.


His stoic and cold demeanor leaves very to say about him. But he is quite cold-hearted and cruel. And has no qualms about harming or killing people when the job calls for it. When people often question his role, he usually says, "I'm a professional."

However, in Stupid Invaders, he does not take kindly to people betraying him and won't hesitate to return the favor. Seen when in the end of Stupid Invaders, he was seen surviving after, supposedly, being killed by Dr. Saccharin. And had the scientist with his hands up.

By Jaden Gore