Granny Go Home is the 22nd episode from Season 1 that aired on October 10, 1998.


An old lady with her pit-poodle, Lockjaw enters the Aliens' house making an awful racket with her organ music. The lady proves she is to be tough to remove. Finally Etno convinces the lady and Lockjaw to leave with an offer for a trip to the afterlife with a balloon attached to her back.



  • The repeated and recycled animation along with Etno holding an alarm clock, Gorgious eating two chicken legs from bones as earplugs and Candy putting a pillow in his ears as earplugs was used from the second half-hour episode, Toon In, Drop Out.
    • Plus the line that Etno asks and says, "Five a.m.? what is making that terrible dim?", was also used and repeated, too.