Invisible Invaders is the 40th (92nd) episode from Season 2 that aired on March 21, 2005.


The aliens are harassed all day long by Harry, a real estate agent of Harry's Real Estate and Development Company who wants to buy the house and build a five story, $5,000 car parking garage with an Olympic-sized swimming pool. So Etno decides to perfect his incredible extra strength invisible cream that will make them and their house totally invisible (including Bud as a pickle, Etno as a piece of cheese, Gorgious as a piece of sausage and Candy as a carrot).

At the end, the almost-finished five story, $5,000 car parking garage just disappears, but the Aliens' house always appears back the way it is. So, Mr. Edward comes to the house to look for Harry's disappeared and unseen parking structure, until he rips off his $20 million check and his car is wrecked by Mr. Edward's longest limousine and Harry drives away with his car, completely wrecked. The Aliens are in the window watching the birds bump into Harry's invisible five story parking garage filled with lots of them.

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