Scouts Night Out is the 13th episode from Season 1 that aired on February 26, 1998.


The Aliens' house is being invaded by a group of Boy Scouts (including Coughing Wolf, Wild Loon, Stripthroat Stegosaurus and others) and a County 4 pack leader.

While Gorgious was watching war footage, he now announces the aliens that he'll volunteer himself to get rid of the scouts straight into the Abyss. But, he is now transformed into a Boy Scout by the SMTV to join them. In fact, the scouts try to force Gorgious to undergo a series of tests.

At the end, a group of four Scout Girl guides (transformed by the aliens) scares all of the Boy Scouts away back into their homes in defeat. But, Gorgious was stepped on by them with his shirt covered in footprints and saw the green blurring visions. After Candy says he's one of them again, he screams and faints.