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The Space Goofs Wiki is a wiki dedicated to the Xilam animated TV show, Space Goofs, which first aired on October 2, 1997, as a result of the popular episodes. The show follows a group, actually known as the Aliens - which is composed of leader Etno, Candy, Stereo, Gorgious, and Bud who cause misadventures as a result of their relationships and powers (or lack of).


Space Goofs - Snoutra - Title Card


Candy's favorite singer Snoutra, along with his wife and Vinnie, his bodyguard move inside the Space Goofs' house. Sick and tired of his music, the others try to get rid of them.

Space Goofs - Buy Now, Pay Later - Episode Title Card
Buy Now, Pay Later

A sneaky salesman sells Candy a useless tool. However the salesman causes chaos to make Candy buy more products until Etno confronts the salesman.

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